The Atria Gang!

Here’s a photo of me with my busmates, taken at Once Upon A Crime, the fine mystery bookstore in Minneapolis.  I haven’t blogged about them yet, which is a terrible oversight, because they’re a grand group. I’ll start with Liza Marklund. Before we launched, Liza (it’s pronounced Leesa) was the author I was most uncertain … Read more

Crises on the Road!!!!

It had been such smoothing sailing on the Great Mystery Bus Tour, with all things going swimmingly.  Then disaster struck.  We ran out of toilet paper for our little bus bathroom!  This was in the deep, dark hours late at night.  We stopped at a convenience store to replenish the supply.  Gadzooks—they didn’t sell toilet … Read more

On the Road At Last!

The Great Mystery Bus Tour bus is awesome.  It’s got marble floor tiles, granite counters, plush leather seats, HD television, WIFI, and a well stocked larder.  But there’s a flaw.  A minor one, but flaw nonetheless.  The outside cover of the bus that so boldly displays our book covers also, for the most part, blocks … Read more