Purgatory Ridge: The Idea

I’m frequently asked where my ideas come from.  Sometimes that’s a difficult question to answer.  Often I simply can’t recall.  But Purgatory Ridge is different.  I remember well the day this story was delivered to me. At the time, I was employed by the University of Minnesota’s Institute of Child Development.  Iron Lake was already … Read more


So okay, I’m off the road a bit.  Too much to do at the moment to begin Purgatory Ridge. Among the many things on my plate has been preparation for the Midwest Writers Workshop at Ball State in Muncie, Indiana.  It’s a great workshop opportunity for writers in early career wanting to hone their skills … Read more

Stories With An Ax To Grind

A diversion from the road for a moment. I recently received a note from another writer attending a fiction workshop in California.  I was told that in the course of the workshop the instructor handed down a dictum, something we all do when we’re trying to deliver as much information to students as we can … Read more