A Royal Scam

I’ve never cared much about money. For me, there are so many other delights in life more stable and enduring—family, writing, nature, exercise. But when a check for $150,000, drawn on the account of the royal family in Monaco arrives by overnight FedEx express, it gets my attention. So, here’s the story. I received a … Read more

My First Paperback Bestseller!

In the midst of so many challenges, so many large considerations before us as a nation, I have a reason to celebrate, albeit a selfish one. The paperback edition of This Tender Land, which was released on May 26, debuted on Publishers Weekly’s bestseller list at #3, on the New York Times list at #7, and on the L.A. Times list at … Read more


The house where my wife and I raised our children, the house my daughter now owns, is three blocks from the epicenter of the rioting and looting that took place in St. Paul last week, an area called Midway. On Thursday night, she called us on the hour to let us know she was fine. … Read more

Zelda Comes Home

In these dark days of the pandemic, we all need hope. Here’s a story that will warm your hearts, offer you some hope, and maybe even make you believe in miracles. My daughter Seneca has always opened her heart to the wounded in our world, both human and non-human. She is a marriage and family … Read more

The Bridges of Ramsey County

During the current coronavirus, my YMCA has been closed, as it should be. To exercise, I’ve been riding my Trek touring bike a significant distance whenever possible. Often, these rides take me along one of the many wonderful trails that follow the Mississippi River as it meanders through the Twin Cities, separating Saint Paul and … Read more