The Bridges of Ramsey County

During the current coronavirus, my YMCA has been closed, as it should be. To exercise, I’ve been riding my Trek touring bike a significant distance whenever possible. Often, these rides take me along one of the many wonderful trails that follow the Mississippi River as it meanders through the Twin Cities, separating Saint Paul and … Read more

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday, and it snowed nearly six inches in Saint Paul. Mid-April, but it looked more like bleak December. By late afternoon, I’d been stuck in the house way too long and needed an outing. I walked to Como Park, not far from my home. The weather was grim, the low, slate clouds still spitting … Read more

Abandoned Places

I’ve driven Interstate 40, which follows historic Route 66, many times. In the Southwest particularly, there are so many abandoned places—old tourist stops, defunct gas stations, sometimes whole towns. I’ve never stopped to investigate these places, but my son has a great interest in doing exactly this. Yesterday, we visited a couple of these abandoned … Read more

2019 Highlights

In a year dominated by rancorous politics, divided nations, desperate refugees, and a climate morphing monstrously before our eyes, I’ve tried to maintain a sense of hope. I’m not talking about a Pollyanna view that all will be well, but rather a belief that, in the end, the human heart will always bend toward compassion, … Read more

“Ordinary Grace” – Children’s Edit

A 10th grader in Salmon, Idaho, has honored my work in a way that rivals any honor I’ve ever received. Tasked by the instructor of her AP English class to write a children’s edit of a novel, Eliza Fisher chose Ordinary Grace. Her wonderful translation of the story for a child’s eye and understanding is … Read more