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I’ve been doing a lot of book talks to promote my latest novel, Northwest Angle. Pretty much, I do this with every when it’s first published.  Book tours can be grueling, but I have a confession to make.  I love to hear myself talk.

I don’t mean I just love to flap my gums.  I love to talk about my writing.  And the opportunity to do this is one of the greatest pleasures that has come from being a published author.

I’m supposed to be an introvert.  At least that’s how I score on a Myers-Briggs assessment.  I can see that.  I crave the alone time in which I conceive of and execute the stories that I write.  And after a book event, I have to crawl into a cave somewhere and regenerate.  But when I’m onstage talking about my books, about my writing process, about the creative impulse, I feel like I’m riding some incredible thrill machine, better than the California Screamin’ roller coaster at Disneyland.  And I love the personal connections that come from the questions I get during a presentation and the answers—as honest as I can make them—that result.

I don’t know what this says about me.  Probably something dismally narcissistic.  But there it is.  I hope that you have a chance to catch my act some day.  Really, I’m pretty entertaining.  And enlightening.  But mostly I’m just having a good time.

2 thoughts on “Book Talks”

  1. Thank you for coming to St. Cloud yesterday. I had never been to a book signing or “meet the author” event before. I thought they may be cheesy and the people attending would be “groupies.” I guess I watch too much TV. 😉

    I enjoyed the small gathering, conversation and the glimpse into your “writer world.” Thank you for sharing your insight — into your craft and your characters. I look forward to catching up and reading the next two books (I can’t believe I missed Vermillion Drift! Once I discovered your books I was always anticipiating the release of the next book. Where was I last fall?!)

    I thought it was very interesting that you made a point NOT to have a writing job so that you could save your creative energy for your books. I love to write, and this is why I work in marketing communications. 🙂 The writing is very different than novel writing, so I can’t imagine the amount of WORK it takes to build a story — which you do so well.

    You mentioned that you’ve written some short stories…where would one find those?

  2. I have yet to hear you speak at your book signings which I am looking very forward to attending! I would be even more thrilled to catch you entering or leaving a coffee shop in the Twin Cities!

    You are a very talented and gifted writer, Mr. Krueger, and I impatiently wait to read your next mystery! God bless!

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