Lightning Strike

Here’s the stunning cover for Lightning Strike, my next novel in the Cork O’Connor series. I love the brooding blue of the sky, the eerie mist, the solitary kid on a bike. When you read the book, you’ll understand the importance of all these elements. Just a little teaser here: Lightning Strike is a prequel to my Cork … Read more

My First Paperback Bestseller!

In the midst of so many challenges, so many large considerations before us as a nation, I have a reason to celebrate, albeit a selfish one. The paperback edition of This Tender Land, which was released on May 26, debuted on Publishers Weekly’s bestseller list at #3, on the New York Times list at #7, and on the L.A. Times list at … Read more

Failure: The Upside

So let’s talk failure. Here’s a photo I posted to both my website blog and my Facebook page last December. I’d just finished the first draft of the novel I’d planned to be the follow-up to Ordinary Grace. It had taken me nearly two years to complete that draft. I thought it wasn’t bad, but … Read more