2021 Highlights

It’s been a memorably difficult year for most of us. The pandemic and all the challenges that have come with it have created chaos in so many lives. It would be easy to look back and see mostly darkness, but as the year draws to a close, I’m going to focus on what, for me, … Read more

2020 Highlights

“Peace begins when expectations end.” I embrace this quote from Sri Chinmoy, especially when I consider the past year. It’s been a turbulent, unsettling time in so many ways. Plans cancelled, dreams unfulfilled, lives put on hold. Giving into despair has been a constant temptation. Yet here we are on the threshold of a new … Read more

Lightning Strike

Here’s the stunning cover for Lightning Strike, my next novel in the Cork O’Connor series. I love the brooding blue of the sky, the eerie mist, the solitary kid on a bike. When you read the book, you’ll understand the importance of all these elements. Just a little teaser here: Lightning Strike is a prequel to my Cork … Read more