The World of Cork O’Connor

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Atria Books eBook July 2016, ISBN 978-1501140044


Countless readers have been introduced to the world of Cork O’Connor set in the harsh but magnificent Minnesota landscape, and to its cast of remarkable characters who call it home. Now in this helpful reader’s companion, readers can gain new insight into how the series has evolved book after book, how Cork O’Connor came to exist as a character, and how Minnesota’s great Northwoods proved to be as important to the books as any human character the author created. You’ll find a brief description of each book in the series, a concordance of the characters introduced in each book, and a tantalizing excerpt. Whether you are just discovering the author’s masterful storytelling skills or have been a fan for years, The World of Cork O’Connor provides an overview of an extraordinary body of work that only gets richer over time, and a glimpse into the mind of its gifted creator.