“Desolation Mountain” signed copies with an exclusive short story are available for pre-order!

You can pre-order signed copies of Desolation Mountain from Barnes and Noble that will include an original Cork O’Connor short story I’ve written specifically for this B&N edition. The story, which focuses on Cork when he still wore the sheriff’s badge, is called “Butcher Bird,” and I’m really pleased with it.

Here’s a sneak peek at the story:

Butcher Bird

Here I am signing the copies at Atria Books’ office in Manhattan:


The short story is exclusive to B&N, but if you’d like to have a copy of Desolation Mountain signed and personalized to you, my tour schedule is here. Many booksellers, including The Poisoned Pen and Once Upon a Crime, will be happy to take your order.

2 thoughts on ““Desolation Mountain” signed copies with an exclusive short story are available for pre-order!”

  1. In SULPHUR SPRINGS, Sheriff Carlson kills cartel member, Rivera, correct? I did send an email to you for clarification…maybe I missed something! 🙂 …because the paragraph in CH. 40 goes on to state: Carlson eyed his rifle. He was drained of color. He’d just killed a man, someone he’d trusted, had thought was one of his own.

    Did I miss something in previous chapters where Rivera was a “good” guy? Was friends w/Carlson? Please correct me if so! 🙂

    THANK YOU!!!

  2. This is an error, a holdover from an earlier version of the scene in which it is Crockett who’s killed. I missed the error, my editor missed it, and our copyeditor missed it. This has been corrected for subsequent printings of the book.

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