Lightning Strike – on sale Tuesday, Aug. 24!

Lightning Strike goes on sale tomorrow at bookstores everywhere! I’m so pleased with the glowing reviews of this latest in my award-winning Cork O’Connor series. I loved writing this prequel, getting to know Cork O’Connor as an adolescent, exploring the complex, important relationships that helped shape him into the man at the center of the stories, and I’m eager to hear from readers once you’ve finished the novel.

One important thing to keep in mind: With the meteoric increase in infections, hospitalizations, and deaths due to the Delta variant, the world has changed with the speed of a lightning strike. Be sure to check my website calendar for all the alterations to my planned book tour. Rest assured that most stores will still have signed copies or copies with signed bookplates.

Release of a new book is always a cause for celebration in my household. As I lift a glass to toast the occasion, I want to toast all of you as well who’ve stayed with me and Cork across more than two decades. I feel truly blessed.

William Kent Krueger

3 thoughts on “Lightning Strike – on sale Tuesday, Aug. 24!”

  1. We have been reading your books for years. So informative as to the ways and customs of the Native Americans. I am just now starting your new book and called my daughter-in-law to tell her it has been released. We got her hooked on your writing a few years back and she too is a loyal follower.

  2. Will there be more Cork O’Connor books? Please say yes! As much as I loved Ordinary Grace and This Tender Land, I am addicted to the Cork O’Connor stories.

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