“Ordinary Grace” – Children’s Edit

Ordinary Grace - Children's Edit

A 10th grader in Salmon, Idaho, has honored my work in a way that rivals any honor I’ve ever received. Tasked by the instructor of her AP English class to write a children’s edit of a novel, Eliza Fisher chose Ordinary Grace. Her wonderful translation of the story for a child’s eye and understanding is just incredible, so beautifully and creatively imagined. If you want to be encouraged about the world as the fine minds of our youth will be shaping it, take a look at Eliza’s work.

SPOILER ALERT: If you haven’t read Ordinary Grace, some of the mystery at the heart of the story is explained in Eliza’s retelling of the tale.

Thank you, Eliza Fisher, for allowing me to share your little masterpiece.

Download it here (PDF).