Rose-Colored Glasses?

Tamarack CountyTamarack County, the next in my Cork O’Connor series, goes on sale this Tuesday.  My last four novels have been New York Times bestsellers.  Tamarack County may not join the others on this list.  That’s not because it isn’t good—it received starred reviews from Publishers Weekly and Booklist—but rather because it won’t be on that front table in every Barnes and Noble in the country.  Nor can I appear in any Barnes and Noble stores to help with the promotion.  This is because Simon and Schuster, my publisher, and Barnes and Noble are still at odds with one another over economic issues, e.g. the cost of in-store placement.  They’ve been going at it for months and months now.  When I tour with a new book, ninety-five percent of the stores I visit are independent booksellers.  I love supporting the indies because they’ve always been very supportive of me.  But the reality is that very few books reach the stratosphere in sales without a significant push from the big chain store.

I can’t do anything about this situation, but you know what I’m hoping?  I’m hoping that fans of my work will help spread the word that a new Cork O’Connor is available.  And I’m hoping that readers will descend on their local independent bookstores and purchase the novel there, and that Tamarack County will still find its way to the bestseller lists.  I’m thinking wouldn’t it be a wonderful example to S&S and B&N that readers can find good books on their own.  And maybe these two giants can finally shake hands and get back to business.

Yeah, I’m a born optimist.

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  1. This must be beyond frustrating for you. As you know we appreciate your support for indies very much. We opened Chapter2Books right when Borders was closing. We never felt happy about their closing. I also don’t have any problems or issues with Barnes and Noble. I wish you were able to be both there and at small potatoes like us.
    We will do our best to get the word out on Tamarack County. Everyone is welcome to join us in Hudson, WI when Kent will be with us Friday, 9/13 at 7pm. It will be a beautiful time to visit. Our shop and Hudson are right on the St. Croix River.

  2. I will go to my local indie bookstore….and I cannot wait to read it! The release of your books in late August are always the icing on my summer break as a teacher. When I return I look forward to sharing my enthusiasm for your latest with the Cork fan club in my school!

  3. Personally I’ve been boycotting Barne& Noble for a long time; you walk into the stores and the big push for them is Ebooks- they shove them in your face! I very much support Once Upon a Crime in South Mpls and occasionally pick up bestsellers at Sam’s Club or Target….The book will do well because you have a huge fan base and we all love you. We’ll find that book somewhere and snatch it up, read it over a weekend, and eagerly await the next one…

  4. Absolutely! Just finished Ordinary Grace — loved it! And my husband, mother & I have enjoyed all your other books as well. Can’t wait for Tamarack County to hit the shelves! I’m another born optimist and here is to purchasing the book at indies & letting the chips fall. Hoping for the best!

  5. I got mine at my B&N today. They had it displayed in front of the service counter. couldn’t miss it!

  6. Just alerted our local Independent Book Seller(New Bo Books) in Cedar Rapids, IA. I have Tamarack County on order there. She ordered a couple of extra books when I told her that you were coming to the library on Sept. 24th. You should probably visit there when you come to CR! Saw a copy of The Devils Bed at the new(as yet unopened) library. I’m swooping down on it the day that we open–August 24th. We’ll get you on the best sellers list again, just by word of mouth!

  7. OH NO! I pre ordered your book from the evil B&N ! Does this mean it won’t show up in my nook on Tuesday? Isn’t this the same problem Erin Hart had with her book, Book of Killowen? Has anyone written an app so you can sign books on ereaders yet? Looking forward to reading Tamarack.

  8. What a revolting development that is!

    Should we all begin to boycott B and N and to frequent the many great independent bookstores around town?

    I’ve mentioned the issue at both the Roseville and the Highland Park B & N stores and in neither case did any of the store personnel seem to be aware at all of the sad situation!

    Can there be a “Facebook” page protesting the situation created for us all to “like”? Not sure which one of them should take the most blame – Simon and Schuster or B & N?

  9. Yikes. Please do not suggest boycotting any store that sells hard cover and paper back books. Support these stores so we don’t wake up one day to find that ebooks are the only choice. I love to snuggle up in an easy chair with Cork O’Connor or any other of William Kent Krueger’s creations. If I had to read the novel with an electronic reader, then I would have to use some other word than “snuggle.”

  10. I have enjoyed reading your books. I was drawn to your books due to the story line of the Inishinaabeg. I am part of a Boy Scout Venturing Crew that is interested in Native American culture and we do Powwow dancing.
    I wish there were more independent book stores but alas there are not and even the Big Box bookstores are going out in our area.

  11. I’m excited about having a new Cork O’Connor adventure to share but dismayed to hear of the problems with Barnes & Noble. Publishers and bookstores should be working together to stem the decline in print media. For my part, I’m ordering four copies of Tamarack County for my branch library and will recommend it highly to our patrons with the assurance of knowing that they will not be disappointed.

  12. Woke up Tuesday morning August 2oth to find Tamarack County waiting for me on my Kindle. I had pre-ordered it from Amazon weeks ago and simply ignored the whole silly S&S – B&N brew ha ha.

    I’m so looking forward to reading it this weekend.

  13. Just finished Tamarack County and enjoyed it as much as all your other books. I have read everyone of your books and now I have to wait a whole year before the next one. I guess you just can’t write them fast enough for me. Normally, I’m not a mystery reader but you hooked me on the first book I read!! I am 75 years young and I can’t afford to wait one year at a time. At any rate, thank you so much for your books. I’m always sad when I finish a book and a year seems like a long time away.

  14. Just want you to know that I am a huge fan – have read all the Cork O’Connor mysteries, and can’t wait until the new ones come out. I purchase all my books on because that is where they are the cheapest, and in this economy, that counts most for a lot of people. Amazon sends out emails to it’s Prime Customers almost on a daily basis letting them know what new books are coming out and gives you the option to pre-order them. I think you might be surprised at how many of your books are probably sold through I have actually had Tamarack County on pre-order for months and received it the day it came out. I always recommend your books to anyone who I know reads, and I’m sure a lot of people who use do. I think your books will do fine without B&N – I never purchase from them – never go into the store. They are way overpriced – books cost more there than any other place I’ve purchased from.

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