“Sulfur Springs” is out!

Sulfur Springs by William Kent KruegerI feel like a father who ought to be giving everyone cigars. My newest child comes out today. Sulfur Springs goes on sale at bookstores everywhere. It’s been available for pre-order via the Internet for some time now, but today it’s on bookshelf displays, and it’s such a thing of beauty. This is one of my favorite covers for one of my favorite novels in the series.

Sulfur Springs takes Cork out of his beloved Minnesota to Arizona, where he finds himself in the hostile Sonoran Desert, suffering in the blistering July heat, on a desperate search for the missing son of his new wife, Rainy Bisonette. It’s a wild ride of a story, involving drug and human trafficking across our border with Mexico, clashes between those who want to help the refugees and those who want to hunt them, and Cork’s gradual awareness that his new wife is keeping secrets from him that could prove fatal.

Beginning with the launch this evening at Once Upon A Crime, the fine mystery bookstore in Minneapolis, I’ll be on a long book tour until mid-November, making more than fifty appearances. If I’m going to be visiting a bookstore near you, I’d love to see you at the event. I promise you a good time.

3 thoughts on ““Sulfur Springs” is out!”

  1. I have only read the first two chapters and I am hooked. I so appreciate your talent and skill as a writer, as a storyteller. Thank you for sharing your gift.

  2. I used to be a fan until I read Sulfur Springs. This is not a novel, its a political statement. You clearly don’t understand the rights of a sovereign nation to enforce its borders or what happens with open borders. Take a look at western Europe’s economy after the borders were opened with the poorer nations of eastern Europe. In the future, please warn your readers. I was looking for an enjoyable read with Cork O’Conner and what I got was your misguided political opinion on immigration and border security.

  3. Congratulations on yet another engrossing novel, WKK! I appreciate your considerable courage on two counts: First, you’ve struck out from your familiar, much-loved MN environment for the Southwest, a real surprise. This required a fair amount of research but you pulled it off convincingly. Second, you had the courage to tackle a controversial issue in a thoroughly human way by portraying its complexity via interesting character development. The narrative was natural, never preachy. You’ve mastered natural portrayals of diversity in your novels, to our greater community benefit. Right on, Bill — thanks again!!

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