Help save Once Upon A Crime!

Launching DESOLATION MOUNTAIN at Once Upon a Crime
Launching DESOLATION MOUNTAIN at Once Upon a Crime in August 2018

Once Upon A Crime, one of the best independent mystery bookstores in the country, is struggling. Not because of anything they have or haven’t done, but because of on-going street construction that has put a significant damper on customer traffic for a very long time now. I love Once Upon A Crime, a store that’s given so much to readers and writers in Minnesota, and I’d do just about anything to ensure its continued existence.

To that end, along with others who feel as I do, I’ve pitched in to help with the store’s GoFundMe campaign, which will contribute to helping pay off the loan that was taken out when the new owners bought the store two and half years ago.  If you know and love the store as I do, I hope you’ll give a hand. If you believe in keeping the independent booksellers alive in an age in which Amazon threatens to corner the market on everything, I hope you’ll contribute.

This is the season of giving. Let your hearts be generous.

Thanks and Happy Holidays!

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