Librarians Rock!

Library Dragons

Librarians are the most wonderful, creative people.

Meredith Vaselaar, of the Adrian Branch Library in Adrian, Minnesota, has created a world of tiny books that her four Library Dragons help to highlight.  As you can see from the photo, the books behind the dragons are of normal size, which makes the dragons and the books they’re reading only about three inches tall!  Meredith began the Library Dragons in 2014 to help patrons through one of our notoriously long Minnesota winters.  Here, in her own words, is how it all began:

“During the first two wintery months of the year, I decided to have a Library Crime Spree.  It was supposed to last about six weeks.  Best laid plans.  The Crime Spree (which later revealed the Dragons as the culprits) lasted for months, culminating in identifying, capturing, and a court appearance (thanks to the willing participation of our county judge).  The whole project lasted almost a year.  I planned to retire the Library Dragons, but our patrons felt otherwise.  Now, the Library Dragons are a permanent fixture on our circulation desk, and continue to have adventures.  They have their own blog:

Public libraries are among America’s greatest treasures.  Librarians are the jewels that help them sparkle.

Dragons reading

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