Scary Short Stories

I’m a writer in part because of the scary stories I used to hear around campfires when I was a Boy Scout.  There was something wonderfully exciting in all the terrible possibility beyond the reach of the firelight.  In my adolescence, I became a spook story junkie.  Discovering Shirley Jackson’s The Haunting of Hill House … Read more

The Office

My day begins at 5:45 AM.  I wake up to the radio playing softly, get dressed, leave the house, and go to my office. Here’s a picture of my office: The first thing you might notice is that there’s no time clock.  The second is that, yes, it’s a coffee shop.  In this jovial little … Read more


When you read the work of a fine author, what you see, generally speaking, appears flawless and flowing, as if it came naturally and without a lot of struggle.  Don’t you believe it.  Every author battles to get a work from their imagination onto the page. I’m working on a novel right now.  When completed, … Read more