Puerto Rico, Here I Come!

Kent with sawOn Saturday, I leave for Puerto Rico with a group of fellow Methodists. Our mission is to help rebuild three homes destroyed a year ago by hurricane Maria—three homes of the thousands razed by that monster of a storm. There is still so much work to be done to help this island, which is a part of our nation every bit as much as any state.  I’m asking for your good thoughts and prayers, not for us but for those whom I hope will see that the rest of America hasn’t forgotten them.

Provided I get cell phone service, I plan to send posts with photos, so that you can see for yourselves the work that still needs desperately to be accomplished, and also see the courage of the Puerto Ricans as they continue day in and day out to put their lives back together.

3 thoughts on “Puerto Rico, Here I Come!”

  1. God bless you and all those whom you will serve. At this time of giving thanks, I am grateful for people like you who hear Gods call and respond!
    Maleen Corrigan

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