The Great Bathroom Rebellion!

It all began with toilet paper.

If you’ve been reading my blog, you know that the Great Mystery Bus Tour’s first crisis was a dearth of toilet paper.  Yesterday the crisis escalated to rebellion.  We learned that we were using the bus toilet incorrectly.  (Probably the reason we ran out of toilet paper.)  Apparently, of the options available to human beings for the body’s elimination of waste, only one is allowed on the bus.  I mean number one.  And no toilet paper is allowed to be flushed down with any elimination.  Who knew?

The result is a situation with the waste pipe in our mammoth vehicle that, in human beings, would require a good deal of Ex-Lax.  And as I understand it, in order to remedy the situation, our driver has to do to our drain pipe what James Herriot, the young vet in All Creatures Great and Small (if you remember the book or the fine BBC production made from it), was forced to do to clear the bowels of a plugged cow.  Believe me, whatever they’re paying our driver, it ain’t enough.

At any rate, we’ve learned our lesson, and now when one of us hears nature’s delicate call, we simply indicate that we “need to make an important phone call,” and the driver will find the nearest clean “phone” along the highway.

Two events yesterday: the first at Centuries and Sleuths, a lovely mystery bookstore in Forest Park, IL; the second in Milwaukee, WI, at the very intimate Mystery One.  Milwaukee has lovely real estate, especially on the shoreline of Lake Michigan.  Here’s a photo of me in front of an impressive water tower near the shore.

Events today in two of my favorite stores—Booked For Murder in Madison, WI, and Once Upon A Crime (my hometown store) in Minneapolis.

That’s all for now and here’s hoping I don’t have to make any “important phone calls” along the way.

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