Crises on the Road!!!!

It had been such smoothing sailing on the Great Mystery Bus Tour, with all things going swimmingly.  Then disaster struck.  We ran out of toilet paper for our little bus bathroom!  This was in the deep, dark hours late at night.  We stopped at a convenience store to replenish the supply.  Gadzooks—they didn’t sell toilet paper!  But resourceful authors that we are, we realized that we have lots of our books on board, so we drew straws to see whose was the first to sacrifice pages.  I’ve been sworn to secrecy on the outcome of that particular lottery.

Second crisis: We are currently headed toward a long line of severe weather.  Books and Co. in Dayton, OH, is our next event stop.  South and west of Dayton is a turbulent storm front that is producing tornadoes at an alarming rate.  Five people have been killed already.  North and west of Dayton is another front with violent storms along the leading edge.  We have a very small chance that we might be able to slip through the narrow clear area between these two storm systems, but it will be akin to threading the eye of a needle.

So, stay tuned.  Who knows?  This could be my last dispatch from the road.

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