Writing Groups

A couple of weeks ago I attended the semi-annual retreat held by my writer’s group.  It took all of Saturday and most of Sunday.  There were eight of us.  We each read aloud from a piece we’re working on and the others read along silently and then critiqued the work.  By Sunday afternoon, we were … Read more

First Born

Even those of you without children will probably understand this. You want to be proud of your children.  You want your children to be strong and go out into the world capable of standing against adversity.  And selfishly, you want your children to represent you well, to bring honor to your name, and in doing … Read more

The Journey Begins

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. I took the first step this past week. For anyone who missed my initial blog entry, here’s the deal.  I’ve embarked on a journey this summer that will involve a first for me—rereading all the books in the Cork O’Connor series.  My perspective has always … Read more