“Ordinary Grace” – Children’s Edit

A 10th grader in Salmon, Idaho, has honored my work in a way that rivals any honor I’ve ever received. Tasked by the instructor of her AP English class to write a children’s edit of a novel, Eliza Fisher chose Ordinary Grace. Her wonderful translation of the story for a child’s eye and understanding is … Read more

One Book, One Community

Oh, what a wonderful time we all had on July 30 at the South Lake Minnetonka One Book-One Community event. This was the first event of its kind for which Ordinary Grace has been chosen. The community center was filled to capacity. The audience was warm and receptive. The atmosphere was festive. I was, of course, … Read more

Edgar and Me

In Minnesota, killing someone isn’t the worst crime you can commit. The worst crime is what we call here “getting the big head.” This means letting an honor or some publicly recognized good work make you believe that you’re better than other folks. In my own mind, this isn’t quite as bad as murder, but … Read more